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Willemijn Verkaik - No Good Deed | 31 May 2014 London (Matinee)

Love willemijn :) she’s my favourite elphaba so far. I get to see Kerry Ellis do her last show of this run on Saturday though so like, that could change lmao. 5th time!

Dyed my hair yet again. Will probably end up blue again within a week without me doing anything but washing it lol. I think my hair is obsessed with being blue, like I can’t avoid it now. Bleach, stripper, nothing gets rid of blue.


As I’m walking through Target with my little sister, the kid somehow manages to convince me to take a trip down the doll aisle. I know the type - brands that preach diversity through displays of nine different variations of white and maybe a black girl if you’re lucky enough. What I instead found as soon as I turned into the aisle were these two boxes.

The girl on the left is Shola, an Afghani girl from Kabul with war-torn eyes. Her biography on the inside flap tells us that “her country has been at war since before she was born”, and all she has left of her family is her older sister. They’re part of a circus, the one source of light in their lives, and they read the Qur’an. She wears a hijab.

The girl on the right is Nahji, a ten-year-old Indian girl from Assam, where “young girls are forced to work and get married at a very early age”. Nahji is smart, admirable, extremely studious. She teaches her fellow girls to believe in themselves. In the left side of her nose, as tradition mandates, she has a piercing. On her right hand is a henna tattoo.

As a Pakistani girl growing up in post-9/11 America, this is so important to me. The closest thing we had to these back in my day were “customizable” American Girl dolls, who were very strictly white or black. My eyes are green, my hair was black, and my skin is brown, and I couldn’t find my reflection in any of those girls. Yet I settled, just like I settled for the terrorist jokes boys would throw at me, like I settled for the butchered pronunciations of names of mine and my friends’ countries. I settled for a white doll, who at least had my eyes if nothing else, and I named her Rabeea and loved her. But I still couldn’t completely connect to her.

My little sister, who had been the one to push me down the aisle in the first place, stopped to stare with me at the girls. And then the words, “Maybe they can be my American Girls,” slipped out of her mouth. This young girl, barely represented in today’s society, finally found a doll that looks like her, that wears the weird headscarf that her grandma does and still manages to look beautiful.

I turned the dolls’ boxes around and snapped a picture of the back of Nahji’s. There are more that I didn’t see in the store; a Belarusian, an Ethiopian, a Brazilian, a Laotian, a Native American, a Mexican. And more.

These are Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, and while they haven’t yet reached all parts of the world (I think they have yet to come out with an East Asian girl), they need all the support they can get so we can have a beautiful doll for every beautiful young girl, so we can give them what our generation never had.

Please don’t let this die. If you know a young girl, get her one. I know I’m buying Shola and Nahji for my little sister’s next birthday, because she needs a doll with beautiful brown skin like hers, a doll who wears a hijab like our older sister, a doll who wears real henna, not the blue shit white girls get at the beach.

The Hearts 4 Hearts girls are so important. Don’t overlook them. Don’t underestimate them. These can be the future if we let them.

You can read more about the dolls here:










holy shit


tbh i thought this was a really neat idea for a dystopia or something until i realized what was allegorical by seeing the picture and getting a connection there. i was just so blind that this could be as stupid as it was i took it literally or as a classism stance for a minute. this is so dehumanizing i didn’t realize they were comparing women to food, what the fuck

Not only are they comparing women to food, they’re basically saying women’s bodies are a luxury ITEM.

And that men are entitled to any woman’s body they desire.

It’s bad when even 4chan thinks you’re gross.

they think they are being “denied” something.

Not to mention food is a fucking necessity to live. Having access to women’s bodies is not

In case anyone’s forgotten, this was Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodgers’ entire reasoning for his shooting spree: that he was being unfairly denied access to women’s bodies.

In addition to the excellent commentary above (women: autonomous people, not consumables! touching boobs: not vital to staying alive!), in the original fucker’s “thought experiment” (pro tip: any time anyone uses the phrase “let’s try a thought experiment” they’re about to be an asshole), people are waving their food around. Except the food is boobs. People have very little control over whether they get boobs and how much they get. If you have them, it is difficult to hide or remove them. Having breasts is not a “luxury item” that you’re “waving around” in people’s faces. They’re a body part, and they’re there. This is the same mentality that shames young girls with sexist dress codes, the same mentality that blames rape victims for what they were wearing, and the same mentality that excuses street harassment. It is rape culture.

I bet this dude never got to taste any food.


i had a crush on this guy and i decided to pull a Pavlov on him by offering him whenever i saw him  this brand of candy he seemed to really like and after a while whenever he saw me he got excited for a second then you could see his expression shift to wondering the why the hell was he so happy to see me and i swear it was the evilest thing but also the most hilarious i made a guy like me by conditioning him into associating me to a candy he liked




I learned yesterday that when you see a bee on the ground that isn’t moving, it’s not necessarily dead, it’s probably just dead tired from carrying lots of pollen and needs re-energising. So if you mix a tiny bit of water with some sugar and let it drink it will give it the boost it needs to continue on its way. Bizarrely, this exact thing happened today! I found a knackered bee, mixed up some sugar water, gave it a drink and watched it guzzle and guzzle then suddenly come back to life. It was amazing! Thank you patrick, it was an excellent tip that i’ll never forget and will continue to pass on to others!

boost this because look bEES ARE DYING AND WE REALLY NEED TO HELP THEM!!!!!!

Help them, sweetlings!





I saw people try to bash this post and say “That’ll never work, people with disabilities should never work in kitchens and restaurants”. There was a 40yr old woman in my school who went through the 2yr associate’s program who was deaf. She had 2 signers to help her through class and her classmate could sign and speak spanish to her as well. She fucking aced that shit. If you love food and you wanna cook for the rest of your life, disabilities should never stop you.

This is so cool

One of my closest friends is blind and she’s a chef :) she’s done so much to help her charity too. She’s amazing and I’m in awe of her often. I’m a chef too and it’s damn hard as it is! Faith truly amazes me :)

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