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I actually did a report on this last year! The substance is called perfluorocarbon and because of its unique nature, it can hold enough oxygen inside of it for you to breathe it. You can breathe safely while inside it, but sometimes the transition from breathing in the perfluorocarbon and the air can be painful or uncomfortable as your lungs try to push the liquid out of them. In Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol, the process of reverting back to breathing the air can feel like being birthed.

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how the fuck do they know what being birthed feels like


This liquid is used in modern torture. It is similar to water boarding. A victim is placed in a small completely dark box. The box is then filled with the liquid. The victim thinks they are drowning as they breath the liquid in. Most pass out from fear at this point or they just sit there in the liquid in pitch black, apparently breathing ‘water’. Often it leads to the thought that they are in fact dead. It is completely terrifying. Then the box is opened and they are violently pulled from it. As said before the transition from liquid to air is none too pleasant. You might be told something like, they resuscitated you and to tell them what you know or they will “drown” you again.

You can “drown” someone and be sure that they won’t be harmed

You all needed to know this. 

what the fuck to both of those

This liquid also features in The Abyss, which is one of my favorite movies

I was trying to think of that movie name the other day when I reblogged it!


Anonymous asked:

It seems you hate moffat and i honestly wonder why you're posting a bunch bashing him? I understand he has a lot of writing problems in both Sherlock and Doctor Who, but overall he is a part of a show that you like and watch so why public hate?


1) he constantly mocks the fans of his shows

2) he is rude to the fans of his shows

3) he’s kind of a jerk to the fans of his shows

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